Since a royal decree currently prohibits Saudi women to drive, some brave ninja-look-alike burka wearers took it to the streets and protested today by driving around dressed like Sub-Zero. Although they risk being raped and killed (normal salute of driving females in Saudi Arabia), women know it’s worth it to fight for their rights.

Saudi Women

Naturally, Saudi women go against all common sense asking for the right to drive, but Saudi men are definitely missing one important point there. surely life can’t be complete without women driving jokes.

So, in order to pursue these conservative n00bs to acknowledge the pure essence of this type of humour, here are some samples of what they’re living without:

Policeman: ‘When I saw you coming round that bend I thought, “Forty-five at least”.’

Woman driver: ‘Well, I always look older in this hat.’

“We bumped into some old friends yesterday, my wife was driving.”

Woman Driver Quote: You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen, it said ‘Parking Fine.’ Wasn’t that so very nice.

Women Drivers

Driving a car

…and of course, even if the decree does get abolished, they will still need men to park their cars.


So if you do have any female driving jokes, please do post them and help us fight for a good cause. Women have to drive so this kind of humour is valid!