Those of you who thought a blasphemous, all-cursing composer such as recently deceased Seth Putnam (lead singer of An*l C*nt and Impaled Moonnorth Forest) had no soul can now drop your jaws in awe after listening to AC’s acoustic collection of love songs intitled “Picnic of Love”.

What deep feeling of true love could have changed a supposedly stone-cold-hearted man such as Putnam and directed him towards the true gentle flame of compassion and caring? Hard to know, moreover, hard to believe it’s true until you will have listened to it.

Surely, folk composers all around the MTV globe will fall in uncontrolled jealousy should their ears be smeared with Seth’s soothing vocal chords’ charms. Once hated by most equal-rights activists, Anal Cunt proved the true feminist nature of their actions. And did so with grace, too.

Above the irrefutable instrumental capabilities of sheer class, the lyrics and their vocal rendering surpass any expectation from even a universally respected pop icon such as Enrique Mother F**king Iglesias. So here goes another tearjerker: