As I was saying in the previous related post, Youtube users strike hard again serving us inalienable truths on the world we live in. This time the most “beautiful women in the world” come from Northern Europe, in the region of the Baltic Sea: Estonia.

Most beautiful American Sluts Wannabes? Maybe. Gorgeous-looking females? Maybe next life. Not only that real Estonian girls don’t even look like that, but with tons of make-up and dyed blonde hair, this particular batch of “most beautifuls” looks as if it’s ready to embark on a kitsch voyage in any old tycoon’s limousine that’s morally bankrupt enough to ask them.

Most Concludent Comment:

“estonian women are hot but they prefer russian men for some reason. this is why entonian men hate russia so much. my girlfriend is estonian”

by supertuber97, a brilliant lucid mind from Russia explaining historical conflicts with great insight. He has an Estonian girlfriend.

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