The Irish are known for not being too sane, in the best of possible ways. Now just you wait and see what they have in stock for sending in 2012 at Europe’s most popular song contest, Eurovision.

Since the Republic of Ireland’s population is under 5 million people, having more than 7 million views on Youtube is quite a performance, isn’t it? These new messengers of Irish humor are called “Rubberbandits” and they’re a comedy hip-hop duo from Limerick who debuted as a stage and television act . The two members always wear plastic bags covering their faces and appear weekly on a TV comedy show called Republic of Telly.

After the campaign of getting “Horse Outside” to be number 1 for Christmas failed, but got close by hitting no. 2, people have been showing their sympathy by jokingly proposing them for europop song contest Eurovision. This has been done with a support page on Facebook for the 2011 edition, having thousands of people joining the cause and it looks like it’s going to happen for 2012 too.

I gotta admit, that cocktail they made in this clip must be something only a true Irishman could take. And you know what they say, God made alcohol so the Irish wouldn’t rule the world. Well, after seeing the Rubberbandits, I have to admit that that might just be true.

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