Some of us remember Kelly Bundy’s line from “Married With Children” around fifteen years ago, when she said she couldn’t go to school ’cause she had Bulgaria. Well, much to my surprise, I have recently found out that Bulgaria is not a disease and it’s, in fact, a country in Eastern Europe.

Moreover, it also qualifies to enter the almighty Youtube’s Most Beautiful Women in the World Competition, but not like any ordinary entrance, it does so in style. First of all, women are so many that they need a double plural (a concept similar in awesomeness to the one of a double rainbow), therefore they’re “Bulgarian Womens”.

A little extra make-up on the biutiful ladies over there? Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a little extra cheese on the taco too. But as the clip and even someone in the comments say, Bulgarian women womens are amaizing, as they areĀ the keepers of beauty and her magic. And they will forever be – now here’s a quote straight from the video’s description – one of the most beautiful womens in the world!

Most relevant comment:

“Bulgarian women are the most beautiful in the world

But we have others beautiful women”

antonia934, a 17-year old Bulgarian female whose favorite artist is called Vaselina

Featured photo from here.