Google+ vs Facebook

Google is giving a new try to be more social on the Internet, but can they really defeat facebook? Will the new google+ be the new facebook and even more important, will the facebook be the myspace of tomorrow (death and everything)?

I will try to find out some answers to the previous question by analyzing this new service offered by google called google+.

Well, I must admit right from the beginning that I like the new chic style that Google is pushing out on all of their services like Google Calendar or Docs. So the google+, which is in fact the really promoter of the new Google “white”  is also gorgeous for my eyes. Considering this new design and looking at facebook  makes me thing that facebook is a bit absolute in terms of design and a lot cluttered.

Google+ comes by default with a clever way to sort your group of friends and acquaintances by using so called circles.


It will import your contacts from GMail and it will let you, in an easy drag and drop style, to sort everyone in predefined groups. So you can have let us say a group named friends and another group named coworkers. This will allow to share and read updates just with the right group of people, depending of your choice. It is like having multiple profiles, one for every group of people you are in.

Facebook only lets you share to a predefined group stuff, but it will bring all the shared stuff to your news wall.


Sparks brings content from the Internet by letting you to define a set of interest, like sport cars or movies. But although they are only 10 choices already created, you can make a new spark by adding a key word in the search field from the spark window.

Facebook doesn’t have this feature, the content is bring by the users from the facebook interface and website based widgets. Maybe you wonder how Google is doing this? My quess is that it uses the +1 buttons and the power of its own search engine.


Hangouts is a video chat browser enable, just like GoogleTalk with video from GMail. So all you need is a camera, a mic and a lot of good jokes in hand. It is really easy to set a video conference, it takes just a click and you are on the air.

A cute feature is that it will turn down every other sounds coming from your computer, to enable a good audio conversion. Of course facebook doesn’t have this, sucker :p

google+ hangout camera app

Android and iPhone google+ app

As you expected there is an Android and an iPhone app for google+ to keep you posted with the latest updates from friends and more.

Video are taken from here.

Images are taken from here and my Google+ account.