Babies, babies, babies. They can either be really annoying or they can make you laugh so hard, like you’ve never laughed before. When I hear a baby laugh I can’t possibly keep a straight face because their laughter is absolutely contagious. Their moves are also extremely funny because they have no idea what they’re doing.

Up to this moment several videos showing babies in different (funny) situations went viral on the internet. Some were even discussed during famous TV shows and presented in news broadcasts. Actually some of these babies are more famous than Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber, if we take into consideration the huge number of views.

Here you can see some of the cutest and funniest babies caught on camera so far. You can try not to laugh when you watch them but I’m sure you won’t succeed. 🙂

and a more recent video which I’m pretty sure will go viral soon:

And the award for the “Funniest baby/babies” goes to… ?