I know that some persons can be quite creative but when I found these pictures I was pleasantly surprised to see that some are not just creative but they also manage to send a positive message through their art work: support sustainability. Below you can see some of the most interesting and beautiful chandeliers as a result of using all sorts of debris and other materials you would never even think about.

Volivik Lamp by En Pieza: Surprisingly enough this chandelier is made up of recycled bic pens. If you wouldn’t know that, you’d probably think it’s just an ordinary crystal-chandelier.

Ballpointpen Chandelier En Piezza


Bicycle Chain Chandelier by Carolina Fontoura: The most inventive chandelier in my opinion, the Bicycle Chain Chandelier is quite impressive because I never would’ve thought that bicycle parts could be used in such an artistic way. This has taken quite some time hence the complex model and large size – 5-ft (150cm).

Bicycle Chain Chandelier Carolina Fontoura Alzaga


Gummi Bear Chandelier by Ya Ya Chou: What could you do with gummy bears? The answer is: a chandelier. This extremely colourful chandelier is made from gummi bears, beads, monofilament, plastic, metal and light bulbs. This would definitely attract attention in any room but I do hope it’s hung up somewhere safe so that no one is tempted to eat those gummy bears. 

YaYa Chou Gummybear Chandelier


LOTO Recycled Plastic Bottle Chandeliers by Eugenio Menjivar: Inspired by the beautiful lotus flower, artist Eugenio Menjivar created some amazing chandeliers out of recycled plastic bottles, in order to support sustainability programs.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Chandeliers by Eugenio Menjivar

Recycled Plastic Bottle Chandeliers Eugenio Menjivar


Iluminata by Basurata Chan: This chandelier is made out of yogurt bottles gathered from a school cafeteria. Quite interesting, right?And there I was throwing all the yogurt bottles away, such a waste. 🙂

Iluminata Chandelier Basurata Chan


Stuart Haygarth

1. Millenium: The original piece is made from 1000 exploded party poppers. The multi-coloured version (left) is created from blue, green, red, yellow and white poppers but there is also a black edition created only from black poppers (right).

Stuart Haygarth Millenium Chandelier


2. Spectacle: Now this piece is made from more than 1000 pairs of plastic framed spectacles which are linked together to resemble a traditional chandelier.

Stuart Haygarth Spectacle Chandelier


3. Optical: This great chandelier is created from over 4500 prescription spectacle lenses. I believe it looks pretty spectacular.

Stuart Haygarth Optical Chandelier


4. Tide: This chandelier is part of a bigger project based on the collection of ‘ man made’ debris washed up on the Kent coastline in Britain. The Tide chandelier is created from clear and translucent objects, primarily made of plastic but even if these have different shapes and sizes, the artist managed to create a beautiful sphere.

Stuart Haygarth Tide Chandelier


Which of these do you like the most?