If you’re thinking about getting a cat, prepare yourself! Don’t get me wrong, cats are wonderful creatures worth having as pets but if you really want to get a taste of how your life would be like if you add a cat in the equation, watch Simon’s Cat. It will give you an idea about the things you bear in mind.

Simon's Cat Wallpaper

Prepare to:

  • Be ignored when you’re playing with them. Cats are curious creatures but they also get bored easily. So, if they found something more interesting than you’ve got to offer, they’ll go for interesting.
  • Have your Christmas tree destroyed (totally or partially): All cats love to climb trees or something of the sort, and there is no degree of grandeur or festivity that’ll convince them not to take advantage of a climbing opportunity.
  • Get meowed at for not feeding your cat on time (or worse). A cat’s gotta eat. And in order to eat, a cat’s gotta do what a cat’s gotta do.
  • Be fed in your sleep things you would never eat. You should be happy that your cat will make you try new things; think of your cat as a courage supplement.
  • Be sabotaged when trying to pack or wrap things. Your cat will always enjoy a carton box, your drapes or couch more than expensive or inexpensive toys.
  • Not to rely on the “My cat ate/destroyed my homework” excuse because regardless of the amount of truth in it, no one will believe you.

Simon’s Cat is more than just a black and white cartoon; it’s an animated trial version that’ll mentally prepare you for having a cat. It reflects the simple realities in the life of a more or less average cat.

P.S. Now, there will be moments when you won’t want to wait for curiosity to kill your cat and you’ll want to do it yourself. Just remember: Killing your cat is not the answer! Because in the end, you know very well that you can teach a cat to do only what he or she wants.

P.P.S. And regardless of what your cat does, you know that Mittens, Kitty or Sergeant Cheese loves you!