Technology can be seen as art. And sometimes art can hide under a technological mask. Whether you love art or not, or you’re only curious about it but never knew where to start, if you have an Android then the following could give you a hint on where to start.

Van Gogh Gallery and Puzzle

It contains his known works and allows you to play memory games and match paintings. It also allows you to go through a database of paintings that you can apply as wallpapers.

Van Gogh Gallery and Puzzle Android App

Van Gogh Gallery and Puzzle Main Navigation

Van Gogh Gallery and Puzzle Memory Game Screenshot

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Van Gogh Gallery

If the previous application was more entertaining, the Van Gogh Gallery App includes  succinct biographical information, several facts about his life and two galleries: one of thumbnails with his paintings and one with a full view and brief information about the painting.

Van Gogh Gallery Android App Painting Menu

Van Gogh Gallery Android App Painting Details

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Van Gogh Wallpapers

This particular app has a wallpapers only policy. High quality images reflecting 200 of Van Gogh’s greatest works: from self- portraits to the bleak Potato Eaters. I’m guessing you can think of quite a few paintings you’d like to have as your smart phone’s wallpaper.

Van Gogh Android App Self-portrait

Van Gogh's Room in the Yellow House from Arles Wallpaper

If these applications tickled your fancy, you can download them here.

Art starts with one artist at the time, one application at a time. The above mentioned applications might not make you an expert in Vincent van Gogh, but if you start liking his work, they will certainly pave the way to further readings.