Has anyone seen Art? Somewhere in the life of Holton Rower, it ran away from the canvas and decided to become a fluid form of sculpture. If someone finds it, please return it to the Lost and Found section of the galleries of this artist.

I must confess I watched this short movie at least 10 times, and each time I planned on writing while I was watching it in order to record all my thoughts and ideas. I failed time and time again simply because each and every single time I watched it I was mesmerized by the flow of the colors. It was like witnessing a constant change. I felt a bit like a child staring at the night sky trying to figure out what shapes I could discover.

Tall Painting by Holton Rower

Photo source here

The beauty of this form of art is that you can do it at home. Here’s the recipe:

  • a dozen cups filled with paint
  • a tall block
  • a couple of good friends
  • lots of space and patience

The idea is to pour the paint as closer to the center of the block as you can so that the paint will spill equally on each side.

Holton Rower Tall Painting New York

Photo source here

As you can see, Art isn’t confined to the canvas, easel and tripod anymore. In the concept of Holton Rower, colors can ooze freely even on a tall block.