We don’t know anymore who started this trend, but it seems that heavily distorted guitars, growling vocals and blast beat drumming can all go very well hand in hand with cute little animals.

As expected, dogs seem to overshadow, or at least outnumber other species when it comes to death metal aptitudes. Barking definitely is a far more metal asset than meowing, chirping, squeaking and creaking.



But the Feline Metal Front has a word or two on this as well:

Some cats are also known to be highly skilled guitarists

Birds might be all yellow-yolked, but they can sure be top-drawer frustrated badasses.


It is rumoured that Death Metal Rooster is currently dating Techno Chicken and she’s been laying a whole lotta eggs lately. And last, but not least, we have the adorable primates, who also deserve some praise for their death metal efforts.


Featured image from here.