Average Eastern European weddings are definitely quite the exhibition for the untrained eye, but this particular one that happened in a Romanian village attracted even national media attention due to its  copiousness.


Well she definitely has a solid catchphrase. But what do I make of this? A lesson in uninhibitedness? Insanity? I haven’t decided yet, but for now I just won’t stop laughing as I watch the “Yoo Hoo Hooey” all over again. What is this tireless woman’s diet? Is this actually possible without cocaine? Are all Romanian babushkas like this if you fuel them with alcohol?

To get even more kicks out of it and trying to reconstruct the atmosphere on my own I found the dazzling video from one of the songs Hyper Babushka was dancing to. Its chorus’ lyrics would roughly translate to “Let’s go do some humping in my car, the cart. I got it bad and now you can’t get rid of me”. Surely this must sound just like Rihanna’s Rudeboy, shouldn’t it?


Yeah, it actually did.