Charlie-Sheen-to-Star-in-a-New-Sitcom-Called-Anger-ManagementCharlie Sheen, photo from Wikipedia.

After weeks of rumors, a new sitcom starring the one and only winning guru Charlie Sheen was officially announced as a done deal by Mad Men producer Lionsgate and distributor Debmar-Mercury.

Apparently the show will be based on the 2003 comedy Anger Management, with Sheen filling the Jack Nicholson role. Sheen already has gained some experience in this area, as he was sentenced to 36 hours of anger management in 2010, after arrested for assaulting his wife.

Now, he seems pretty ecstatic about his choice. ‘I chose Anger Management because, while it might be a big stretch for me to play a guy with serious anger management issues, I think it is a great concept,’ Sheen said. ‘It also provides me with real ownership in the series, a certain amount of creative control and the chance to be back in business with one of my favorite movie producers of all time, Joe Roth.’

Roth and Sheen have worked together on five features, including Major League, Young Guns and Three Musketeers.

‘Who better than Charlie Sheen to tackle Anger Management,’ Roth said. ‘With Charlie’s incredible talent and comedic gifts, he remains the leading man of TV sitcoms. I’m excited to collaborate with him once again.’

Although the new sitcom wasn’t bought by any network yet, this announcement could generate some buzz and help it get picked up in the nearest future. Let’s hope that this new show won’t suffer because of Sheen’s erratic behaviour. Should I remind you one of the funniest jokes I heard this year?

How much cocaine can Charlie Sheen take?
Enough to kill Two and a half men.