Whilst being a funny guy some decades ago, Howard Stern is still a prominent figure in the US showbiz. Toilet humor and jokes about his own vapid sexual life might not be entirely behind him, but at least he recently got Gaga performing on his radio/TV show.

So here’s yet another glorious piano+vocals performance from the one and only Queen of the Unaware but Joyful, Satan’s Mistress and The Voice of the Illuminati, Lady Stefani Gaga.


“Oh my God, she can actually play the piano”, “What a great voice!”, bla bla bla bla bla… all this has already been said. But what I’d like to emphasise on is my favorite part of this video, at 3:57, when master of the piano playing Gaga manages to accidentally hit a brown note of some sort and she obviously doesn’t do it on purpose. Just take notice of how she reduces the monkeying-around after that mistake and acquires a “Sh*t, I blooped”-face for an instance.

So, am I just jealous of her success and trying to point out only what’s bad from her performance? Nah. In fact, I consider this error of hers to be proof that she is actually not a cyborg, but a human being. And to be honest, I took an entire listen to her last album, and you know what? It’s not that bad, it actually has two songs (out of 14) on it that aren’t complete and utter feces.

Featured photo from here.