Childhood tattoos sold as inserts in bubble gums might have planted a wish to sport tattoos in some of us, but having a cartoon character on your face just can’t feel too right anymore. So now, after all these years that wish morphed and it’s ready to materialize in quality ink and classy designs made to please all kinds of extroverts.

This week a great site has been launched, a place where you can order your hip design, ranging from chic to quirky and being pretty much the self-aware hipster’s paradise.

You can have a pipe-smoking rabbit a la Matisse, a “you’re late” watch on your wrist, a robot, a scribble or some color burst. Or even a mouse pointer on your face, there are so many options and you can check them all out on Tattly’s site.

temporary tatoo rabbit matisse

temporary tatoo rabbit back

colour temporary tatoo

temporary tatoo colour burst hand

temporary tatoo knucks text

temporary tatoo knucks luck yeah

temporary tatoo cursor face

temporary tatoo late watch hand wrist

Now for all of you who are thinking temporary tattoos are for “undecided sissies”, I have to say yes, that’s true, if it makes you feel tougher. But why did they have to invent laser removal, then?

In fact, please allow me to be a borderline pretentious hipster now, by quoting one of my all-time favorite hipsters, whom I suspect of choosing temporary tattoos over permanent, had they been available in his times.

All I know is that I know nothing

Socrates, whilst contemplating on the acquisition of a cursor tattoo.

socrates temporary tattoo philosopher mouse pointer
Too bad they don’t come with bubble gum included anymore.