After conquering Ireland and the UK with plastic bags on their faces and vicious jokes in the purest Irish style, the Rubberbandits seem to have attracted interest from MTV too. MTV Iggy invited them to New York, thus giving Ireland’s fiercest gangsta rappers a chance to have a hilarious series of encounters with what they refer to as “a load of stupid yanks”.

Blindboy Boat Club and Mr. Chrome are performing live songs, interacting with people on the streets, always looking to fornicate with American females and I must say, the change of scenery hasn’t made them lose their mojo at all.

The first two episodes, “Hitting the City” and “In Search Of Hipsters”, appearing on Mondays, are the introduction of a series of webisodes that’s hopefully going to draw more and more attention, for Irish philosophy and conundrum solving have to make their way into the world. As each episode is going to present a live performance of a song from the Rubberbandits, the first MTV performance in front of an American audience is of the song called “I Wanna Fight Your Father”.