Pixar movies certainly have that special something that can make the whole family smile. Cars, Toy Story, Wall E, Finding Nemo, Ratattouille are just few of the movies that whip up producing the “Awwww” aftertaste.

Apart from these well-known titles, Pixar has also produced some other animations that are just as funny and exciting. The kind of animations that can make you laugh with our whole heart. Realistic or not, they sure deserve the same appreciation as the other Pixar movies we are so fond of. Here are just some of these projects.


Who would have thought that abducting humans can be so tricky? A small green alien tries to pass the examination for the “Human Abduction” subject and fails miserably (and humorously), as expected. You never forget your first abduction; especially when it is the reason you are left without a home.

For the Birds

Surely there were one or two occasions when you were given the cold shoulder treatment and you felt ostracized by one group or the other just because you were trying too hard to be friendly. So you’re different. No problem in that. Sometimes trying to hard to fit in every group is not worth the effort. Even birds know that.


Partly Cloudy

Do you know where babies come from? Well, maybe you do, but delivering babies can be a dangerous business. This is the story of a stork and a cloud that work together and manage to pull through even when the going gets tough.


Knick Knack

Finding the right girl might turn out to be easier than actually getting to her. Life is full of obstacles, but it can also be funny. Depends on which side of the crystal “fence” you find yourself, kinda like this snowman.


And of course, let’s not forget the teasers and “bloopers” starring Pixar movie characters, scenes that didn’t quite make it in the actual movie animations, but unlike traditional bloopers they were created especially for the fans.


By the way, which Pixar animation is your favorite?

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