Turkey, famous enough already for being the main dish on Thanksgiving Day, is also an Asian country, wannabe European. And just like any other country in the world with access to the Internet, it has the right to claim it breeds women of the best kind there is.

The models, actresses and TV hosts in this video are not bad at all, but then again, they’re in no way representing a standard in how average Turkish women actually look. Turks have been known for centuries to be roaming all over Eastern Europe in search of foxier females, so the video above is more than irrelevant.

The comment battle on this particular Youtube video, though, is on such an ingrate level, it makes you feel bad for the Turkish users. That until this vigilante shows up, who just solves it all in the name of the Ottoman Empire. He explains it simply, in his words, saying how the whole turkish beauty gene has evolved over the years:

“bulgars were ancient turkic people and f*cked by ottoman turks

armenians are terorist and f*cked 1000 yyears by turks

persians and greeks are same f*cked 1000 years by turks


f*ck keep bastard nations”

xManyakYakisikli, a charming 23-years old Turkish authority in world f*cking history


Featured photo from here.