American duo Pomplamoose, consisting of multi-instrumentalists Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn became famous in 2009 on the Internet, mostly due to videos posted on Youtube. After two years, they’re already touring, selling songs and merchandise on the Internet, and also developed their own separate projects too.

“precious self aware twee irony hugs joke beard BIG EYES malegaze cover band aesthetic”

an Internet user that just won’t enjoy some Pomplamoose

 “their [sic] having fun making covers of famous songs, and that’s basically it. if you like covers you might like this”

a part-time literate user that actually does enjoy it

Here’s my personal favorite of their songs (a cover, of course), that was also used in a Toyota commercial last year:

Seeing the way they edit the videos and promote their music and politely, almost jokingly asking their fans to buy their stuff or to donate money, I have to say they’re quite admirable. Not necessarily because of their musical competences (since other than versatility and clever self-aware mimicry I don’t see much going on there),  but especially because of the ingenuity in selling their product and Internet marketing. Pure aces at it.

Featured photo from here.