Karen M. O’Leary is the name of the artist who designed these wrought¬†street maps of different metropolises. While their size may vary depending on the size of the city, usually these maps are made from the same material, a thick white watercolor paper (90-100 lb., textured surface, rough edge) cut with an x-acto blade, a small and very sharp knife.

The artist carefully drew all of these city maps even if she never managed to visit some of them. Talk about patience…I believe she did an exquisite job, I don’t think I would have so much patience to cut all those small details, like she did.

These paper cut-out maps are perfect for a gift, if you want to surprise someone more choosy with a delicate piece of modern wall art, or if you’re simply a fan of modern art. I admit that the prices are pretty spicy – between 500 $ and 1000 $ – but it’s understandable since you can’t just snap your fingers to have the work done, it actually takes some time since the artist/designer makes every single piece herself.

San Francisco

Cut-out Street Map Of San Francisco


Cut-out Street Map Of Seattle


Cut-out Street Map Of Melbourne


Cut-out Street Map Of Montreal


Cut-out Street Map Of Toronto


Cut-out Street Map Of Vancouver


Cut-out Street Map Of Singapore


Cut-out Street Map Of Madrid


Cut-out Street Map Of Berlin


Cut-out Street Map Of London

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