The Duchess of Cambridge takes a break from displaying brilliantly chosen fashion outfits, and returns to some old but famous pieces from her wardrobe. This Saturday, she went low on fashion statements for the first royal wedding after her own, the one of Zara Phillips to Mike Tindall.

Kate Middleton’s look included a beige embroidered coat that she wore back in 2006 at the wedding of Laura Parker Bowles and Harry Lopes and also in 2010 at Mel Nicholson and Oli Baker wedding. She completed the look with the famous LK Bennett Sledge 2 pumps and Natalie clutch, seen before on the royal tour.

The only new item was an over-sized tilted hat with flowers on the underside, that gave the entire ensemble a fresh, reinvented look. However, the hat exterior shape is a bit funny looking.

This is not the first time the Duchess is recycling her items, recently she has been constantly seen reinventing her outfits, especially in the North American Tour. Every time she does it, she knows how to add the perfect item that makes the difference.

Just this Friday for the pre-wedding party she turned in into a green Diane von Furstenburg dress previously seen in L.A. this month on the royal tour.

Another popular recycled item is Kate Middleton’s white Reiss engagement dress, which was so beautifully themed for the Canada Day celebrations in Ottawa, back on July 1st.

Anyhow, I think the Duchess’ choice were quite modest and she chose the recycled pieces not to draw too much attention on her and respect Zara Phillips’ big day. Does she know how to reinvent herself or what?

Featured photo from Nick Warner on Flickr