Standard maps are not that interesting anymore and that’s why these extremely creative people – photographers, designers or random people with a vast imagination – decided to give world maps a new twist. Some are carved, some are painted, while others are edited pictures of different objects. Funny, interesting or simply amazing these maps are quite unique.

Without art, which implies creativity, life would be quite boring. That’s why these kind of images always catch my interest and I feel like I just have to share them. As I support creative thinking, I believe they deserve to be seen by as many people as possible.

World map beautifully carved in an apple by Kevin Van Aelst – ‘Apple Globe’, 2007.

Artwork Apple World Map

Photo source: here

World map creatively represented with orange peels.

Artwork Orange Peel World Map

Photo source: here

A ball of yarn representing the world – a symbol used by the fashion company United Colours of Benetton to celebrate unity in diversity on their cultural blog founded under the name ‘United Blogs of Benetton’.

Artwork String Ball World Map by Benetton

Photo source: here

World map designed with water.

Artwork Water World Map

Photo source: here

Gorgeous representation of the world map on stained glass.

Artwork Stained Glass World Map

Photo credit: National Geographic

Spilled coffee in the shape of the continents by Swedish photographer Erik Johansson.

Artwork Coffee World Map

Photo source: here

Edited picture showing the map of the world on a cow’s belly.

Artwork Cow World MapPhoto source: here

How do you see the world? 🙂