If you usually spend time on not so serious sites on the Internet, you definitely should’ve stumbled on Nyan Cat by now. Some say it’s mindblowing and they can’t explain why, some feel it’s like medicine for a bad day and there are even contests on how much of it you can take. Either way, since it’s one of the most recognizable things online lately, I tried to put together a short classification and a selection of the best Nyan Cats there are.

What started off as a simple gif animation called “Pop Tart Cat” in april 2011 soon spread around and now remixes and all sorts of adaptations gather millions and millions of views, especially on Youtube.



Some videos keep the original song and just put a different context to it, making it even more hilarious.


And some don’t even keep the original song, they just adapt the flying cat into whatever they want and accompany it with a relevant tune. These are probably the less innovative of them, but nevertheless, the nationality stereotypes are particularly funny.

Versions of astronomical proportions up to 10 hours have been put up on Youtube and these are perfect for a group brainwash endurance contest. Last one to walk out wins.

Kids seem to have great first reactions and opinions to it, although some of them are a bit too harsh, I’d say.

There is also even a nemesis of Nyan Cat, called Tac Nayn, whose evil plot and algorithm reminds of a biblical antithesis, in relation with the original.

So do you think you still have friends who haven’t heard of Nyan Cat? Now that’s ridiculous, cause we all agree Nyan Cat makes the world a better place. But then again, how much nyanyanyan can one take?