French women’s fashion in the 30s. Nothing like it, right? Well, while they’re looking all classy and pretty, there’s always been a hidden side that no one’s ever dared to talk about. What we are about to reveal is shocking, so stay alarmed.

French Women Fashion Clothes in the 30s

French women have always loved golf. And they’re ready to stay in line for it, no matter the wait. Gangs of French women in the 30s were very strict about one thing, though. The person that’s about to swing the club should never wear a hat. Or else she’ll be shot. Just notice how at least three of the ladies beside the one in the middle are ready to pull out a gun in case of anything. Now you know they’re subtle, so don’t f*ck with these Home Pro’s.

French Women Fashion in the 30s Coats and Hats

Now this one’s easy even for a retard to spot. Obviously, them ladies are drug dealing big time. Waiting for the man by the bench, playing the “caché” with some ounces, makin’ transactions in the park and most important of all, always keeping an eye out. B*tchez be ready to drop a handkerchief for a gentleman to pick it up just in case a diversion is needed. My advice? Buy your drugs elsewhere.

French Women Fashion in the 30s Furs

Now just look at that old drama queen b*tch, wearin’ a godd*mn Leviathan‘s long ass round her neck. It definitely looks like if that vintage lovin’ Frenchie ever caught Cthulhu off guard, she’d totally make a scarf out of him too. Rumor has it just before the second world war struck, French women also made a limited edition of coats made out of disobedient men’s skin.

French Women Fashion in the 30s Gowns

No, ma’am, you ain’t foolin’ me with this one either. I’ve seen that look before and I know it. Looks like you don’t have to be called classy or to live in the 3o’s to have the “oh no, I’m about to drop something so y’allz can stare at my ass” face. Innocent as it may appear, many men have been slaughtered for being caught staring at a juicy old Paris-based bottom back in the days. So now you have been warned.

All in all, I think it was really cool living in France in the 1930s. The ladies were allright and, since I’m an expert in fashion, I might add, the clothes were kinda uptown too.

And here’s an adequate theme song/anthem to all this French hustlin’ going on:

Photos from Modes&Travaux