Certainly you are more than familiar with the theme song of the well-known game Super Mario. Now it’s time to get familiar with the works of some plastic artists that were inspired by the game’s popularity and created some rather interesting things.


I found some interesting earrings representing Piranha Plants from Super Mario, and to my surprise, I found out that more people that created handmade jewelry were so inspired by this game to design bracelets, earrings and other decorative objects – more options to match according to your personality or mood!

For example, if you constantly want to grow invincible, you might be interested in a matching set of mushrooms.

Super Mario Mushroom Bracelet

Super Mario Mushrooms

Photos by OhHaiKawaii on Etsy

Super Mario One Up Mushrooms Earrings

Photo by Baka Koneko on Etsy

Invincibility Stars Earrings

Photo by kristinatuck on Etsy

Or if you’re more interested in the bad guys, maybe Goomba or Piranha Plants might tickle your fancy.

Goomba Necklace

Goomba Necklace Attached

Photos by Pumpkinpye on Etsy

Piranha Plants Earrings

How to Wear Piranha Plants Earrings

Photos by k8bit on Etsy

Whoever said that if you like computer games you’re just a geek with no sense of fashion couldn’t have been more wrong. These pieces of jewelry provide the best statement there is against that concept. Never be afraid to show people the things you like; maybe you could even come across as Princess Peach and get your own Super Mario to rescue you from Goomba and the Piranha Plants!

Featured photo from OnlineSuperMario