Budapest, the capital of Hungary is more than just an East European capital. The history has left a strong imprint in the marrow of the city and because of that, in many ways, Budapest resembles Vienna without losing its personal flair. It’s an invitation to visit or re-visit a city that many underestimate. Take a look and judge for yourselves.

Panorama of the Parliament from Budapest

Photo from Wikipedia

Keleti Trainstation Budapest

Photo from Cityimage

Budapest is not only a European capital with interesting touristic attractions, but also a haven for those that enjoy to read and buy books. In fact, Budapest is the capital that can take pride in having the most bookstores in Europe.

If you’re a traveling bookworm, you simply must go and visit Budapest. It’s one of the most magnificent traveling experiences ever! Book- wise, I mean. If you go on the main street, Rahoczy utca (Rahoczy Street) you will be astonished; every 100 meters there is a bookshop. On each side of the street! Moreover, they seem to have good businesses. I’ve been there four times in the past two years and they’re still there. What conclusion can I draw from their number? Don’t mess with the Hungarians and their books!

You might think that all those bookshops have only books in Hungarian. Wrong! All the libraries there have generous English sections. Some are even dedicated only to English literature. You can check out Red Bus on Semmelweis utca, no. 14, a second hand bookstore that works in a hostel. You can find nearly anything there; the classics are a bargain (under 2 € / $3 per book), and the novelties do not cost more than 5 € / $7  (if you’re a bookworm, you know that’s almost half-price).

Red Bus Bookstore

Red Bus Bookstore and Hostel Location on Budapest Map

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Treehugger Dan’s is another one of those places where you can savor the quality of a book as a side-dish to the tea or coffee. It’s both a bookstore and a lounge so you can relax and skim through the books you haven’t decided whether to buy or not. It’s actually the first coffee/tea shop that has a mission, and a well written and explicit one might I add:

Our mission is to create both a high-quality source of English second-hand and remaindered books at a reasonable price, and be Hungary’s first showcase for Fair Trade organic coffee. The bookstore promotes environmental and social justice causes, in particular, organic and Fair Trade products. We are the local bookstore with a global conscience.

If you’re still not convinced, I’m gonna let the pictures do the persuasion for me, since each is worth a thousand words.

Treehuger Dan's Bookshop and Lounge

Treehugger Dan's Bookstore Cafe

But if you are, here is the map  to find your way around Budapest and not to fumble for this bookstore caffe/teahouse.

Treehugger Dan's Bookshops Location on the Map of Budapest

Photos from Treehugger Dan’s

Besides these bookstores you can also find Bestsellers, another well-stocked bookshop specialized in new books that are sold at an according price. Even so, it’s worth your visit if you want something that’s so fresh out of the printer that it hasn’t turned cold yet.

Montage with the Staff from Bestsellers BookshopPhotos from Bestsellers

Bestsellers Bookstore Budapest

Photo from budapestindex

If you’re ever in doubt regarding your holiday destination, you might want to consider this readers’ paradise even if you’re not a bookworm. In the end, Budapest is not all about books. But who knows you might just start liking them as you discover the attractions of the city.