Just like all serious events that are happening in the Internet Era, London Looting 2011 can’t escape from being taken to the funny side. Especially since its main protagonists are very often victims of involuntary humor of the highest level.

London Looters Beach Balls Spoof

London Rioter Beatles Album Cover Spoof

Justin Bieber Ticket Sales Triggering London Looters

Sponge Bob Joining the London Riots Spoof

London Looter Preparing for a Day at the Beach

London Looter Grabbing Inflatable Male Sex Toy

London Looter on Segway Photoshop Spoof

London Looter in Pink Ballerina Tutu Photoshop Spoof

These pictures are part of an admirable idea from photoshoplooter.tumblr.com, putting the scumbag looters in an embarassing position and also making us laugh.

Basmati Rice Looting in London

Photos from imgur via Reddit

This is probably the most famous London Looting 2011 picture, the £3.99 Rice Looter.

Looting had success to some extent in Cornwall too:

Looting in Cornwall

But even there, looting has proven to be a dangerous activity for the innocent:

Looting in Cornwall Fail

No one, though, seems to have had it as tragic as Manchester:


The general idea of the riot was pretty much this:

Scumbag Rioter in London

Photos from imgur via Reddit

Therefore the 2012 London Olympics’ logo had to be changed

New London Olympics Logo After Riots

Photos from imgur via Reddit

Facebook comments were on it too:

iPhone Reason for Looting in LondonLooting Order from Dear Old Mom and DadLooting in London Is Suspended Pending the iPhone 5 ReleaseLondon Looting for Stainless Steal Fridge by DemandLars Jensen Says Jason Statham Needs to Step In

and finally, the leader of the riot:

Mr Bean Leader of the Riots in London

Photo from 9GAG