Being hailed as one of the most popular television dramas of all time, David Lynch’s Twin Peaks celebrated this year 20 years since the original airing of the last episode. What most people don’t know is that there’s also a Twin Peaks Festival going on, its 19th edition having taken place only days ago, in North Bend, WA.

The festival involved celebrity guests, a film night, a bus tour of filming locations, Q&As with the cast members and many other things for those lucky enough to attend. But one of the most interesting things this year is the exhibition of photographs from the set of Twin Peaks by Richard Beymer, none other than the actor who played Ben Horne in the series.

Richard Beymer with David Lynch at the Twin Peaks Festival Photo

David Lynch on the Twin Peaks Set in Richard Beymer Photos Collection

Richard Beymer Twin Peaks Festival Photos Collection

Twin Peaks Dwarf Michael J. Anderson

Twin Peaks Last Day on the Movie Set Photo Collection

Richard Beymer Twin Peaks Cast and Crew Photo Collection

Indian Evil in Richard Beymer Twin Peaks Festival Photos Collection

Twin Peaks Behind the Scenes Photo Collection

Laura Palmer in Richard Beymer Twin Peaks Photos Collection

Richard Beymer Photo Collection at Twin Peaks Festival

David Lynch Directing Twin Peaks

Richard Beymer Twin Peaks Photo Collection

Photos by Richard Beymer from IntheTrees.

Some of these photos have been included in the ‘behind the scenes’ photo gallery on the Twin Peaks Definitive Gold Box Edition, released in 2007, while others are from his latest release of pictures, taken at the very end of the last day of shooting. Seeing Beymer’s photos and how easily they can transpose you back in that Lynchian atmosphere, I must say thank you, Richard, for being so inspired while Twin Peaks was still in the making.