If you ever wondered how’s life in the suburbs of LA and what kind of metaphysical questions are on teenagers’ minds maybe Men, Women & Children by Chad Kultgen reveals the answer. LAist describes Chad Kultgen book as being

A dystopian look at life in the suburbs. Sex, technology and more sex are front-and-center for the junior high kids and their parents in this to sometimes devastating consequences.

If I managed to trigger your curiosity until now, I will continue entertaining you with a review made by two beautiful, smart porn stars. I present you Stoya and Kayden Kross in Stoya’s Book Club:

You can always find more bibliographic information about the author and get more insight by getting a copy of the book.

This is the third novel published by Chad Kultgen.  As every contemporary young author, he also has the ability to get surrounded by drama. The main ingredients in this case are an ex-girlfriend that you call a ‘fat-ass’ in your book and a lack of interest from the general media. The result, a word-of-mouth campaign on youtube and fame. Enjoy!

Featured photo from Taming the Bookshelf