It’s nice to have a song that reminds you of a certain TV show. I’m not a fan of just showing the main title on the screen. Remember Lost? Or, in the latest seasons, even Grey’s Anatomy? It used to have a brilliant theme song, Cosy in the Rocket, which went amazingly well with the show.

For most television programmes, every time I sit and watch a certain episode, I enjoy hearing the theme song – I don’t know, it just gets me in the mood. Some are sad (Suicide is Painless, from MASH) or slow (Little Boxes from Weeds and Teardrop from House, for example), but most of them are really enjoyable and, in some cases, they even make me want to get up and take a few dance steps.

Here’s a list of 12 TV shows I think did a good job at choosing a theme song that makes viewers smile, hum and even dance.

12. Suits

New TV show on the radar, new TV theme alert. And a great one – ‘Greenback Boogie’, by Ima Robot.

11. Lie to me

It got canceled, but the theme is still stuck in my head. ‘Brand New Day’, by Ryan Star.

10.Veronica Mars

Although I prefer ‘Bohemian Like You‘ from The Dandy Warhols, ‘We Used to Be Friends’ goes well with Veronica Mars. For the third and last season of the show they used a slower version, which I wasn’t very fond of, but the original one sounds good.

9. Chuck

When I first started watching the show I could have bet that the song was created specially for Chuck, because it goes so well with it. I only found out later that it belongs, in fact, to Cake. ‘Short Skirt Long Jacket’. Check out the video too – it’s pretty awesome.

8. Entourage

‘Superhero’, by Jane’s Addiction. My head instantly starts moving and I wish I had a microphone to scream I need you desperately. Or at least as much as Vince’s entourage needs him.

7. Scrubs

Lazlo Bane – ‘I’m No Superman’. To be honest, this song starts playing in my head every time I feel overwhelmed at work.

6. Cheers

This one isn’t very energetic, but it’s pretty awesome for a classic one. The song is called ‘Where Everybody Knows Your Name’, performed by Portnoy.

5. Friends

Who doesn’t know the lyrics for ‘I’ll Be There For You’, by The Rembrandts? A happy song about friendship and the ups and downs of life, which opened every episode of Friends for ten whole seasons. I really miss this show.

4. True Blood

‘Bad Things’ by Jace Everett I think goes amazingly well with the show. It’s sexy, dirty and the montage of blood, sex and religion really opens the show in a great way, preparing the viewer for what’s about to happen.

3. Family Guy

This one was my ring tone for so much time that I’m starting to be fed up with it. But it’s funny and danceable, and the fact that it’s in fact sung by the characters I think is a plus.

2. Psych

In between the lines there’s a lot of obscurity… Sorry, I got caught up for a moment. Psych has a very funky theme, which was remade a few times in order to go with the subject of some special episodes. The Friendly Indians are responsible for the original version.

1. The Big Bang Theory

My favorite theme song. It took me about four seasons and a lot of reruns to memorize de lyrics and sing along, but it’s worth it. It’s catchy, funny and energetic. Barenaked Ladies even made a special video for it, in order to celebrate the show’s 2011 Emmy nomination.

Bonus: The Simpsons theme covered by Green Day

Mad Love Opening Credits

Which other TV theme songs you think should have made our list?

Featured photo by shuka4 onĀ DeviantArt