I’m sure you all recognize the Super Mario game and also that you recall the Piranha Plants, one of the many enemies of Super Mario. Here is a small video reminder of the ever popular Super Mario:


If you did remember the Piranha Plants, you’re going to love these earrings! If not, then you should consider wearing them as a constant reminder. They look as if they have a very good grip on your ears, which may not be such a bad thing if you are a Super Mario handmade jewelry fan, since you won’t be losing them pretty soon.

Super Mario Piranha Plant Earrings

Super Mario Piranha Plant Earrings Closeup

Super Mario Piranha Plant Earrings Pair

Super Mario Piranha Plant Earrings With Pins

Photos by Liz on Etsy

If there are Super Mario fans among you, I’d suggest you e-mail or leave a message for Liz. Even if you’re not into the game, can you deny the fact that they are very creative?