While the post-mortem hype for Amy Winehouse’s music might have been exaggerated, her vocal abilities and musical contribution will always be held in high esteem, and not only by her fans.

Amy’s legacy is not something one can just ignore*, in the light of recent years’ pop music. Her role is to be acknowledged, especially considering the lack of soul in the nowadays music industry. And what better way is there to pay her a tribute than remixes and covers of her songs?

So, since the Internet is abounding with Amy remixes, here we have a top 10 of them:

10. Zaz – You Know I’m No Good

9.┬áReynaldo Klawa – Stronger Than Me


8. Harmonic 33 – Stronger Than Me

7. Seiji – Take the Box

6. Gustavo Mota – Back to Black

5. Ian Force – F**k me Pumps

4. Hot Chip – Rehab


3. Ghostface Killah – You Know I’m No Good

2. Organized Noize – Tears Dry on Their Own


1. The Jolly Boys – Rehab

Featured photo from College Candy, after an idea from MTVIggy

*regardless of her epic horse-face