Youtube gives a better chance to geeks in this world and Rob J. Madin makes no exception. Under the alter-ego of Brett Domino, he has released many well-executed covers of popular songs, always kept a straight face, and from under his glasses he acted like he means business.

He first posted a video of himself playing the stylophone (his favorite instrument, along with the keytar) in 2008. And by now, summed up, his videos have millions of views.

Sometimes Brett is assisted by members of the ‘Brett Domino Trio’, who also make a good job in being as least expressive as possible, while also doing quite well music-wise. 2009 even saw them performing as a house band in Britain’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got More Talent. In March 2011 the songs released on Youtube were gathered for a full LP, called Songs Off Youtube.

His acted seriousness and strong English accent really add up to the humor of the songs, although most of them just have simple lyrics. And personally, after having heard many of these songs in their original version too many times, I think I prefer listening to Brett Domino now.

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