A symbol of protection for the old Egyptians and a common emblem in heraldry, the lion traditionally illustrates bravery, valour, strength, and royalty. Be it about authority, pride, or Christianity, in coats of arms or on flags, the lion has always been a meaningful figure. Music, filled as it is in many ways with symbolism, couldn’t ignore this, so here we have a top 20 of the best album covers with lions.

20. THE CALBIDOS – Yuxtaposición (1997)

Genre: Jazz Fusion

The Calbidos Yuxtaposición Album 1997 Jazz Fusion

19. BRUCE COCKBURN – Joy Will Find a Way (1975)

Genre: Contemporary Folk

Bruce Cockburn Joy Will Find a Way Album 1975 Contemporary Folk

18. RAIN MACHINE – Rain Machine (2009)

Genre: Indie Rock

Rain Machine Rain Machine Album 2009 Indie Rock

17. ABERFELDY – Young Forever (2004)

Genre: Twee Pop

Aberfeldy Young Forever Album 2004 Twee Pop

16. SKINDRED – Union Black (2011)

Genre: Reggae Metal

Skindread Union Black Album 2011 Reggae Metal

15. JASON COLLETT – Rat a Tat Tat (2010)

Genre: Indie Pop

Jason Collett Rat a Tat Tat 2010 Indie Pop

14. LOVERS & KILLERS – Tropic of Cancer (2006)

Genre: Hardcore

Lovers and Killers Tropic of Cancer 2006 Hardcore

13. MUSLIMGAUZE – Armsbazzar (2008)

Genre: Electronic

Muslimgauze Armsbazzar 2008 Electronic

12. PEZZETTINO – Lion (2009)

Genre: Indie Pop

Pezzettino Lion Album 2009 Indie Pop

11. KATE BUSH – Lionheart (1978)

Genre: Art Pop

Kate Bush Lionheart Album 1978 Art Pop


10. INTERPOL – Our Love to Admire (2007)

Genre: Indie Rock

Interpol Our Love to Admire Album 2007 Indie Rock

9. THE SOUND – From the Lion’s Mouth (1981)

Genre: Post-Punk

The Sound From the Lion's Mouth Album 1981 Post Punk

8. L’ARC~EN~CIEL – My Heart Draws a Dream (2007)

Genre: J-Pop

L'arc En Ciel My Heart Draws a Dream Album 2007 J-Pop

7. PANTALEIMON – Heart of the Sun (2008)

Genre: Contemporary Folk

Pantaleimon Heart of the Sun Album 2008 Contemporary Folk

6. BASEBALL FURIES – Throw Them to the Lions (2009)

Genre: Garage Punk

Baseball Furies Throw Them to the Lions Album 2009 Garage Punk

5. BLUE MERCEDES – I Want to Be Your Property (1987)

Genre: Pop

Blue Mercedes I Want to Be Your Property Album 1987 Pop

4. MINNIE RIPERTON – Adventures in Paradise (1975)

Genre: Soul

Minnie Riperton Adventures in Paradise Album 1975 Soul

3. HALLELUJAH THE HILLS – Colonial Drones (2009)

Genre: Indie Rock

Hallelujah the Hills Colonial Drones Album 2009 Indie Rock

2. FRANÇOIS MOREL – Le soir, des lions… (2010)

Genre: Chanson

Francois Morel Le soir, des Lions Album 2010 Chanson

1. SONNY & CHER – Mama Was a Rock and Roll Singer, Papa Used to Write All Her Songs (1973)

Genre: Sunshine Pop

Sonny and Cher Mama Was a Rock and Roll Singer, Papa Used to Write All Her Songs Album 1973 Sunshine Pop


photos from rateyourmusic