I am a big fan of hardcover books: I love the smell of old, I love the yellow pages, the torn covers or the turned page corners. I already have a small library in my parent’s house — some 300 books gathered over time, and the plans for my future house include at least one reading corner. But before I’ll start posting my pictures of my private reading space, bellow is a collection of beautiful interior design ideas dedicated to books and reading.

Bedroom reading

I can’t imagine a bedroom without a reading place. One can either choose a futuristic design for the bed and shelves, like bellow, where you can have your favorite books and your better half living in perfect harmony.

Interior Design Ideas Folding Bed Bookcase

Design by Karen Babel, photo from Home Interior Zone

Or go classic with this beautiful bedroom design idea and a very light and personal reading corner.

Interior Design Ideas Large Bedroom and Private Reading Corner

Photo from Distro Architecture

Kids room

It’s a known fact that kids like colors and mystery. This tree book shelf is a perfect piece designed for a kid’s room, be it a young knight or a little princess. Forget about straight lines and order in the sense adults think about it. Kids can organize their own small library and can very well rank their books according to the importance they see fit. If I were a 6 years old now, I bet I would struggle to get to the top leaves and those would be my most beloved books.

Interior Design Ideas Innovative Book Shelves for Kids Room

Left – design by Shawn Soh, photo from Kid Crave; Right – photo from re-nest

The next interior design idea is absolutely brilliant. Kids love to hide and they love privacy, so why not simply create those intimate corners for them. Those nooks could be the perfect spaces responsible for great memories and feeding the need for mystery for the small ones.

Interior Design Ideas Nooks and Curtained Cubbies in Kids Rooms

Left – photo from Inspired; Right – photo from Southern Living

Living room

The ideas I personally like best are the ones based on classic designs, warm combinations of green, white, blue, yellow, that provide a cosy and quite place for relaxation and reading.

Interior Design Ideas Living Room Reading Corner

Photos from Megan Leiter

Or even reading corners in living rooms, where space allows. The ideas bellow are all classy and warm, creating a special atmosphere for relaxing and enjoying a good reading.

Interior Design Ideas Living Room Private Reading Corner

Regardless of the size of a living area, I strongly believe that an outdoor reading corner would make our life more enjoyable. I personally prefer this small balcony with a lovely colorful view.

Interior Design Ideas Outside Reading Corner

Photos from Home Auto Design

Finally, when it comes to reading corners, one of my favourite pieces is this home library. For big, classical houses, this wooden masterpiece might just be the perfect place where to discover the Russian classics.

Interior Design Ideas Massive Home Library

Photo from Analog Dialog

Gaming Room

Gaming Room

Photo from Darling Homes

Cozy up in your game room getaway on a flat seating area that is the perfect getaway for an afternoon read and snooze.

How much do you read these days, and where do you usually enjoy your favorite books?