The Hogfather DVD Cover Movie Adaptation After a Terry Pratchett Book

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The Hogfather by Terry Pratchett Book Cover

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Do you believe in fairy tales? Dragons, tree nymphs, people you least expect that turning into heroes, Death riding on a white horse? What about Christmas? Do you still believe in Santa?

Well, I’m sorry but Santa isn’t real. The Hogfather, on the other hand, is something worth believing in. The Hogfather is a boarish version of Santa Claus that has the same attributions as jolly white-bearded guy. But one Hogswatch night,  instead of the Hogfather, Death carries presents for the nice children. Yes, I’m pretty sure it was Death delivering presents.

The Hogfather Representation Based on a Terry Pratchett Character

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And i’m also certain that he has a daughter, Susan, who is a governess for two lovely children. But someone is trying to kill the Hogfather so Death sets on a quest to find him before people lose their faith in Hogswatch. Will he succeed?