Book and sculpture seem to be the petals of the same art flower. And those art flowers find a very fertile soil in the UK apparently.

Yvette Hawkins is one of the young British artists that does more than fold paper, she creates art.

Yvette Hawkins

Yvette Hawkins and her Work

She folds paper and binds it together to create decorations and extravagant displays. She uses folding, cutting, printing stitching and weaving to create each and every single piece.

Lantern Book Sculpture

Manga Diamond Book Sculpture

Photo credits to Yvette Hawkins via Etsy


Untitled work 2 of Yvette Hawkins

Untiled work 3 of Yvette Hawkins

Untitled work of Yvette Hawkins

She explores the way object work on a larger scale. For her works, the strength lies in numbers.

The work is concerned with the physical acts of looking, reading and listening encouraging viewers to consciously be aware of their surroundings, controlling and manipulating the way things can be seen, read and heard.

Book Cylinders

Book Cylinders 2

Art Gallery Exhibit

Art Gallery Exhibit 2

The Circular Paper Art of Yvette Hawkins

Oversized chandelier 2

Oversized chandelier 3

Not only does she sculpt and fold but she also holds workshops on:

  • Book arts and bookbinding
  • Origami
  • Paper making
  • Printmaking
  • Embroidery
  • Weaving


Photo credits to Yvette Hawkins

How do you feel about all the types of paper art? Do you enjoy this more than cut out scenes or typewritten works?