Kate Moss Vogue US September 2011

The September issue of Vogue US with supermodel Kate Moss wearing a gorgeous Alexander McQueen dress on the cover, is considered the issue of the year because it has to make a huge difference when it comes to Fall-Winter fashion and obviously it has to attract attention in order to set the trends. This number could also be considered Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Hince ”wedding album” since it consists mostly of photos taken before or during their July wedding. This perfect family-portrait is represented by: a radiant bride, Kate Moss, a groom in love, Jamie Hince, and a happy daughter, Lila Grace.  

After working together for more than 20 years – which resulted in a book: Kate Moss by Mario Testino –  the photographer had the chance to create Kate Moss’s wedding portfolio, one week before the big event. The result: a wonderful photoshoot at a magnificent seventeenth-century Cotswolds mansion. Other than that Kate had sixteen bridesmaids and flower girls, of ages between two and fourteen and the dress she wore on the big day was carefully designed by her friend John Galliano, just as she wished. 

Enjoy some beautiful excerpts from the magazine:

(…) it is a perfect English summer day with cotton-wool clouds scudding across forget-me-not-blue skies. Chez Kate, the roses tumbling over the doorways are in full bloom. Inside the house, a tumbling chaos of hair and makeup people and bridesmaids reigns. The bridal party takes off in a convoy of beribboned vintage Rolls-Royces driven by gray-uniformed chauffeurs. Just before she sets off, Kate requests “a few words, a story to inspire her—she loves a bit of direction!” says Galliano. “I told her, ‘You have a secret—you are the last of the English roses—and when he lifts your veil he’s going to see your wanton past!’”

”At the ceremony, conducted by the Reverend Harry MacInnes, Jake Chapman reads a resonant love letter, the cherubic choristers of Gloucester Cathedral sing “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” and Mrs. Jamie Hince is finally an honest woman.”

Kate Moss Jamie Hince Wedding July 2011

Kate Moss Jamie Hince Wedding Vogue September 2011

Kate Moss Wedding July 2011

Kate Moss Wedding Vogue US 2011

Photos by Mario Testino on Fashionising.com