Either you are just a fan of body art and like to admire it, or you are the rebellious spirit that express itself through his body, bellow you can find a list of the best tattoo conventions in the world, all taking place at the end of August. So, pack light and let’s see where we’re heading.

Hell City Tattoo Festival

The Arizona Hell City Tattoo Festival is said to be one of the biggest conventions in the world, and beside the entertainment, artists, and concerts, this year’s edition offers a unique show from Lucky Diamond Rich (aka Mr. Lucky), the most tattooed person in the World. Mr. Lucky will be tattooing the hole weekend and will perform on stage also.

Christine from www.zapplaserstudio.co.uk said “I went to Hell City Tattoo Festival a few years back, it was great fun I would definitely recommend it for those that are seriously into their body art.”

Price: $65 pass for the weekend, free for kids younger than 10 (although it’s strongly recommended NOT to ink your kid).

If you happen to be in Europe around this time, you can choose from these 3 great conventions.

The Cagliari Tattoo Convention

The forth edition of the Cagliari Tattoo Convention will gather the best tattoo artists from Italy and will be hosted by the Setar 4 start hotel on a dream beach at the Tyrrhenian Sea, which makes this one of the best events to be in if you are a tattoo lover. That would explain why unfortunately, the booking is closed for this event, but you can always book a place for the next edition.


Stockholm InkBash is celebrating it’s 15th edition this year and will host under the same roof 102 artists from all over the world (Sweden, Netherlands, France, USA and Japan among others). If you are interested in this event and would like more information, we suggest you should contact the organizers directly. But before, check out this clip and decide if the Swedish spirit suits.

Dutch Ladies Tattoo Convention

I saved my personal favorite for last, meaning the Dutch Ladies Tattoo Convention, that will take place in Haarlem, Netherlands. Around 30 female artists, mostly from Belgium and the Netherlands, will show their skills in creating life-lasting body art. Even if this is the first edition of a Ladies’ Convention, I expect it to be absolutely stunning, as is the individual work of each and every one of the presented artists. Tattoo and piercing artists from Lab 360 will be there also, and as they specialize in branding and body modifications, that might spice things up a bit. As the organizers put it: Don’t miss this female touch!

Price: 12.5 € or $18 per day, free for kids younger than 12.

Tattoo Conventions Posters August 2011

So, tell me guys, do you plan to get an inked memory this last weekend of summer?

Convention posters from World Tattoo Events