Remember the times when you used to go to the seaside and build sandcastles? Of course you did that when you were children, but some people although grown up haven’t grow out of sand castles. Some of those people have turned that into a hobby and others into a profession. And since they are so serious about it, a World Championship for Sand Sculpting was set up.

And they really do a wonderful job; it’s beyond sand castles, it’s sand art. These are just some of the works of art created at the World Championship.

Connected Seattle-themed Sculpture Space Needle, Mount Rainier and Rain

Distance Gives Perspective by Martijn Rijerse and Hanneke Supply

Elephant Soft Pack Sculpted by Paul Hoggard

Icarus II by Dan Belcher

Krazy the Clown by Marc Lepire

Magnetic Feels by Fergus Mulvaney

Noh Trifater by Sue McGrew

Puzzled by Joris Kivits

To Be Revealed by Damon Farmer

Untitled by Benjamin Probanza

Whirlwind by Thomas Koet

Photos by Jim Seida from ulamonge

Sand Sculpting in Frankston

Dripcastle in Kleckerburg

Beach Castle in Singapore

Photos from Wikipedia