You have big plans: you want to start an event and the idea is simply brilliant. And you want people to come to your event so you’re probably wondering about how to advertise it in a way that it’d do justice to all the effort you put into it. Moreover, you want it to be catchy and witty and original.

This is how the people from O, Miami did it. But before we move on to the advertising part, here is some information about the festival. I’m not saying this is the best way to advertise, but it’s an idea if you are searching for ways to boost your creativity and get your message across, depending on the event, goals and target public.

O, Miami is a county-wide poetry festival inaugurated in April 2011. Our goal is for every single person in Miami-Dade County to encounter a poem during the month of April.

April 2011. Poetry Festival. What now?

Poetry Bombing

What Agustina does is prints out stanzas or just verses from various poetical texts. She creeps into small clothes stores and sows them on to pants, dresses or whatever her eyes lay on.

Involve People

How? By making them read poetry.

Surprise Expectations

The usual airplanes that drag around commercials can be put to serve a greater, more cultural purpose.

Featured photo from O, Miami