The handmade boom has reached a peak nowadays. Everyone is either creating handmade jewelry or wearing it, most times both. Leather, beads, modelling clay, brass, copper are all materials that handmade artists work with in achieving themed jewelry. Basically, they just use whatever their imagination can lay its thoughts on. As a result, they resorted to pencils as well.

Just mash them together or glue them together and then just drill a hole into it and — presto! It might sound silly, but if you take a look at them, you’ll realize that they are more than just coloring pencils for children, they can be precious jewelry.

Pencil Crayon Jewelry by Maria Cristina Bellucci

Crayon Rings by Cristina Bellucci

Pencil Crayon Ring by Maria Cristina Bellucci

Pencil Crayon Rings by Maria Cristina Bellucci

Photos from trendland