Marta Serna is a Spanish visual artist born in 1969 in Madrid. Marta has dedicated most of her life to the study art in its various forms, owning a degree in Fine Arts and majoring in Painting. Moreover, she’s also been studying Classical Dance, Spanish Dance and Oriental Dance. Even if she has an extensive artistic background, nowadays as a visual artist, her work includes mostly sculptures, drawings, paintings and animations.

If i had to describe her work in a few words, they would definitely be: creepy, weird, dark, ambiguous but at the same time interesting. Usually, they are a mix of black – usually represented through crows, trees and crosses, and red – and when I say red, I mean art with bloody accents, not just a boring colour, all of this on a simple white background.

So far, her art has been on display for the public-eye in several galleries from Spain, USA, Mexico, France, Germany and the UK. Needless to say that the names of the exhibitions are as weird and dark as her artwork: Black Sparkle, Black Wings, Dark Delicate, Blood Breath, Cruel But Fair, to name just a few.

Marta also created a trilogy of weird animations called ‘The Power Trilogy’ which includes ‘Bloody Boots’ (2008), ‘Cat Power’ (2009) and ‘Black Wings’ (2010).  The idea behind this trilogy is that we must reflect on both our human and animal nature, as well as understanding and accepting the ritual of compensation that we have to create in order to adapt to our environment.

A few creations from the ‘Dark Delicate‘ exhibition

Marta Serna Art Dark Delicate Medallions

Photo from Asm28

Marta Serna Art Girl Medallion

Marta Serna Art Wolf

Marta Serna Art Crows

Photos from La-gran

Marta Serna Art Twins of Bloody Horns

Photo from Asm28

Drawings from the ‘Black Sparkle‘ exhibition

Marta Serna Artwork Girl With a Crow

Photo from

Marta Serna Artwork Black Sparkle

Photo from Grafika30

Marta Serna’s obscure and ambiguous work of art from the ‘Black Sparkle’ exhibition. The video is in Spanish, but don’t allow that to stop you from observing her artwork 🙂