Some people love the clear sky in a summer night, others simply want to see stars everywhere. And others have developed an obsession for Star Wars.

The breakfast of every Luke Skywalker could probably look something similar to the pictures below. First you destroy the watermelon Deathstar, then you get a kick out of crunching the heads of storm troopers, but only after you butter up that Darth Vader french toast ca you truly feel like Luke Skywalker.

Though I have my doubts those Storm Trooper cereals are edible, I’m pretty sure the rest is safe.

Death Star Watermelon

Luke Skywalker eats storm troopers for breakfast!

Storm Trooper Eggs

Storm Trooper Cereals

Photos from Dark Roasted Blend

Darth Vader French Toast

Photo from Tech Knight

This is how a fan’s lunch might look like. Yum! Yoda’ brains. And of course, grapes should only be eaten with light sabers, not forks or picks. And as every movie is full of surprises, lunch must have a portion of mystery, in this case wrap-packed in a Star Wars package.

TYoda Lunch Pack

Photo from Cookie Cutter Lunch

Desserts are the best way to reward a Star Wars nut. I know a green cake might not inspire confidence in you, but could you really a Master Yoda cake resist?

Yoda Cake

Photo from

Snacks have never tasted like your favorite movie… until now. I’m sure that as you chew on these cookies, movie scenes will pop into your mind… or you’ll just feel like George Lucas, having all that power to create and destroy at the tips of your fingers.

Star Wars Cookies

Photo from Planet Byn

Star Wars Iced Cookies

Photo from  Just iced cookies

You might be a Star Wars fan and this might not be the way your day-to-day menu looks like; but consider these ideas for you next Star Wars theme party.

Be it a Star Wars theme party or just your average working day, don’t forget that the force is stong within the food! And your force lies within the food.