Spring/Summer 2012, what does it have in store for us fashion-wise, you might ask? Well you’ve definitely come to the right place. Nowadays women are much more complex than they used to be in the past decades and the ever-changing currents might be overwhelming for some.

Looks like starting 2012, self-awareness is not even trendy anymore. Nah, in 2012 it’s all confusion*. Hot hot confusion. Have you ever had a partner that’s just so self-aware you feel you have to make him/her relax? Well your worries might just be put to an end. Serve him some confusion and do it straight in bed, with your pajamas.

The Casper

Totally Confusing Women's Pajamas Funny Satire The Casper

Are you a ghost? Are you some spirit coming from b-rated futuristic movies of the 70s? Are you just a woman with an incomplete Ku Klux Klan kit? He’ll never know and that’s what’s going to make him fuddled.

The Hipster Mime

Totally Confusing Women's Pajamas Funny Satire Hipster Mime

Don’t feel like talking much tonight? Just wanna get him confused with little effort? This is what you’ll go for. The Hipster Mime pajama will encourage you not to speak at all and all sorts of meaningless uncanny gestures will be your perfect route towards your partner’s beclouding.

The Parachute

Totally Confusing Women's Pajamas Funny Satire The Parachute

Having a parachute-like garment surrounding your vagina plus refusal of sex will constitute not only an unexplainable arrogance, but will also raise your future authority in the relationship. Excessive usage of the catchphrase “you can’t land me” is also highly recommended.

The Freezer

Totally Confusing Women's Pajamas Funny Satire The Freezer

The ultimate way to confuse your partner takes a lot of ability and long-term investment in ogress-like energy, so this one’s definitely not for all of you. Nothing confuses a man more than a woman being a bitch for no reason. So store food in your pajamas and keep it fresh&frosty all night long by being a ruthless cold bitch. Your sudden dispassion and unresponsiveness will puzzle him, especially when you serve him some frozen yogurt from your pants in the morning. Mystifying!

*usage of present tense months earlier when referring to 2012 due to incommensurable avant-gardeness

Photos from Max-Tan