Where's Wall-E?

Illustration by Richard Sargent from Forever Geek

Well this is just lovely. Richard Sargent from Hopewell Studios created a poster that features almost every robot known to man, from both film and television series – 180, in total. And he invites to try and figure out where Pixar’s Wall-E is. Can you spot him? Click here for the illustration in a larger size.

Also, after you’ve found the puppy-eyed Wall-E, see how many featured robots you can name. Hopewell Studios is offering you the chance to win a signed version of the poster – just download this guide picture and send your answers to richard@hopewellstudios.com. Closing date for entries is August 31.

I have to admit I’m not such a huge Wall-E fan, but I had fun trying to spot him. And if you don’t like this modern version of ‘Where’s Waldo?‘, you can always exercise you attention with some classic illustrations.