Lead me not into temptation… for I can find it myself. And I did, most of it on Danny Setiawan’s website. If art and beautiful women are tantalizing, then look no further. You don’t even have to choose, as famous artworks and gorgeous women have merged in a photographic display.

Body painting may come in many forms. A good form of body painting manages to hide nudity and replace it with paint. And if you catch a glimpse of these women, you’ll see that Danny Setiawan replaced nakedness with famous artworks.

Starry Night by Van Gogh Body Painting by Danny Setiawan

Geopoliticus by Dali Body Painting by Danny Setiawan

Kiss by Klimt Body Painting by Danny Setiawan

Old Guitarists by Picasso Body Painting by Danny Setiawan

Temptation of St. Anthony by Dali Body Painting by Danny Setiawan

Reine Lefebre And Margot Before A Window by Mary Cassatt Body Painting by Danny Setiawan

Photos from denartny.com

This last piece is not one of Danny Setiawan’s works, but I enjoyed it and found it worthy of mentioning in this article since it befits the theme so well.

The Son of Man Body Painting

Photo from blog.joinsmsn.com

Sometimes you can’t even tell that the reproductions of the works of art aren’t painted on a t-shirt, but on skin. That’s why body painting is a good excuse for a Halloween costume. It’s actually pretty original to go dressed up as a famous artwork… or should I say undressed as a famous artwork?