If you take a look at the images below you’ll probably think that this is a post about really delicious food. Actually it’s not. What you see in these pictures are soap bars — extremely realistic soap bars to be more accurate. I could eat them right now because they look so good.

Once again I must say that this world is full of creative people and this time the persons behind these food-soaps have done an amazing job by showing us that using soap bars can be fun, not just hygienic. I’d gladly replace my plain soap with any one of these. It would definitely make me smile every time I’d realize I’m washing my hands with a piece of almost edible soap.

Simple Hamburger Soap

Realistic Burger Soap Bar

Photo from en.dawanda.com

Hamburger with Salad Soap

Realistic Hamburger Soap Bar

Photo from FoodBeast

Piece-Of-Cake Soap

Realistic Cake Soap Bar

Photo from Illusion.Scene360

Croissant Soap

Realistic Croissant Soap Bar

Photo from AJSweetSoap 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Soap

Realistic Chocolate Chip Cookie Soap Bar

Photo from Illusion.Scene360

Cinnamon Roll Soap

Realistic Cinnamon Roll Soap Bar

Photo from Soapopotamus on Etsy

Donut Soap

Realistic Donuts Soap Bar

Photo from Soapopotamus on Etsy

 Chocolate-Bar Soap

Realistic Chocolate Bar Soap Bar

Photo from Onsale-usa.com

Oreo Biscuits Soap

Realistic Oreo Biscuits Soap Bar

Photo from Uphaa

French Macaron Soap

Realistic French Macaron Soap BarPhoto from MusingsOfAMuse