August is over, and while this autumn will premiere some new mind-blowing TV Shows, our favorite TV shows will also start to air their new seasons. With premiere dates set mostly in September and October, after months of waiting, anticipating and trying to figure out what’s going to happen next, out beloved TV shows will finally return, thus ending our agony. And most of the networks have already released promos, to make the waiting even more difficult.

Watch some of them below and check out our list of premiere dates. Which show are you looking forward to the most?

Grey’s Anatomy

Talking about powerful female characters, looks like the road won’t be easy for Meredith Grey this autumn. Season 8 of the show will debut on September 22.

How I met your mother

Will Barney and Robin finally hook up again? I guess we’ll find out on September 19, when HIMYM returns with a 1 hour episode.


Casstiel as God. I definitely have to see this. Season seven of Supernatural will start on September 23.


OMG, Greg is in prison! And with Cuddy gone, who knows what the next (some say last) season of House will bring. No wonder Hugh Laurie’s got the blues. Tune in on October 3 to see if Dr. Crankypants manages to return to Princeton-Plainsboro.


We already talked about the Dexter Season 6 promo, but it’s so awesome that we had to show it again. Dexter’s new season premieres October 2nd.

Other premiere dates:

  • The Vampire Diaries – season 3 – September 15
  • Two and a Half Men – season 9 – September 19
  • Modern Family –  season 3 – September 21
  • The Big Bang Theory – season 5 – September 22
  • Fringe – season 4 – September 23
  • Desperate Housewives -season 8 –  September 25
  • The Good Wife – season 3  – September 25
  • Gossip girl- season 5 – September 26
  • The Walking Dead – season 2 – October 16
  • Castle – season 4 – September 19
  • Chuck – season 5 – October 21
  • Criminal Minds – season 7 – September 21
  • Glee – season 3 – September 20

Featured photo by Spoiler TV, from The 400 Club